We have four classes and a trial class.

■Introductory Class
This class is
♦for those of you who start Iyengar yoga for the first time in which you will learn how to use props and how to move your body.
■Basic Class (Basic I and Basic II)
This class is
♦for beginners to learn and assimilate basic asanas.
■General Class
This class is
♦for those of you who have mastered basic asanas, being conducted in line with General Class in Pune India,
♦for those of you who want to enjoy sweet flavor of Iyengar yoga fully, deeply and firmly.
■Special Care Class
This class is
♦for those of you who have health problems and need individual cares, whether or not you need to attend therapy classes will be determined by Yoga Center;
♦for pregnant women, and
♦for those of you who prefer personal care due to health issues and for those of you who have difficulty to take lessons in regular classes.
  1. Special Care class you will receive personal lessons accompanied by an assistant according to an individual program reflecting your conditions.
  2. Make a class reservation at least three days before the class. When you come to Yoga Center, make a next class reservation.

    Special notice

  • ※Those of you who require personal care due to health conditions must not attend regular classes. In this case reserve and enjoy Therapy Class.
  • ※Those of you who attend a regular class and suffer from unexpected health problems during the class may continue to practice, subject to the sole discretion of your class teacher. In this case you are separated from other students. Discuss your problems frankly with your teacher before your class begins.
■Trial Class(booking required)
You may attend a trial class before becoming a member. Trial Class
  1. You may want to try and feel Iyengar Yoga in Introductory Classes.
  2. If you are pregnant, you may also attend Special Care Classes.
  3. If you have health problems, you may also attend Special Care Classes.
The fee is flat Yen 2,100 (sales tax included).
Trial class is limited to one time lesson.

You need to practice at least once a week to maintain your present condition. If you want to improve and develop your present condition, then you should practice at least four times a week.

Standard of Classes

ClassRequired skill
Introductory Classup to 40 classes
BasicⅠup to 200 classes
BasicⅡmore than 201 classes
Salamba Sirsasana,Salamba Sarvangasana
GeneralMembership more than five years
  1. If you think you are not qualified for the class you are attending now, you may want to attend an easier class.
  2. If you have been a member for a year and are currently attending General Class, we ask that you attend Basic Class.
  3. In order for Yoga Center to know which class you are qualified to attend, be sure to write your name on the attendance notebook when you come to Yoga Center.
  4. Suppose you attend a class once a week and skip one lesson, the interval between lessons becomes two weeks. If you do not practice for two weeks, you might have gone back to where you were. Be careful especially if you are attending Introductory Class or Basic Class.
  5. If you want to attend higher classes, consult with your class teacher.