Iyengar Yoga is challenging yoga. But it will give you true relaxation.
You will be able to attain the power to control yourself by extending and expanding correctly. While yoga sharpens your alertness by relaxing and aligning your body correctly, yoga will lead you to the state in which your mind is peaceful. Why not detoxify your body and mind, refresh yourself and spend your day fully satisfied?

We welcome those of you who want to:

  1. know the sate of your body and mind, control yourself and live confidently by practicing asanas.
  2. cope with your job stresses and malfunctioning of your body and mind without medicines and medical cares.
  3. relieve your stress by yourself.
  4. know yourself and expand your possibilities.
  5. *We welcome anyone regardless of ages and sexes.

Why not come to our trial class, see a lesson, and feel the wonder of Iyengar yoga?
Trial Class

Some suggestions

What to wear:
  • Cotton fabric is recommended.
    a T-shirt that does not show your belly and breast,
    yoga pants that show your knees (preferably with bottom elastic rubber band) and
    comfortable underwear that does not tighten your body (wired brassiere is not suitable for yoga.)
  • Do not put on large accessories.
  • Yoga is practiced bare foot.
What and how to eat:
Do not eat at least two hours before and after a lesson. (Eat least animal protein.)
Sort, Straighten and Shine (3S):
Yoga Center is the place to practice yoga. "Sort, straighten and shine the practice place" is an important and integral part of yoga practice. We strongly ask that you clean the hall and put back props to the correct place in a correct way. If you are in a hurry, you may go home after telling your classmates that you are in a hurry and must leave.
Your belongings:
Write your name on your belongings such as yoga mat, belts, sticks (on each stick), towels, handkerchiefs, yoga pants, t-shirts, bandages and bags.
Monthly fee:
We ask that monthly fee be paid between 20th of a month and 7th of the immediately following month. We also ask that money be directly given to Yoga Center staff. Never leave your money on a table.
Attendance card:
Upon your arrival to Yoga Center, write your name on the notebook.
How to make a class reservation:
Reserve your class by phone, FAX or E-mail.
If you are making reservation by FAX or E-mail, please do so before 1:00 PM on the previous day.
Not withstanding the above, if you are making reservation of a night class, you may do so at least one hour before the class.
Manors and some other points
  1. Switch off your mobile phone, or put it on manor mode.
  2. Do not bring jewelries or expensive items. If they are lost, Yoga center is not responsible for them.
  3. If you sweat a lot, bring your large sports towels or bath towels
  4. If you feel sick, tell so immediately to your teacher or assistant.